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Nigel Green - deVere Group CEO

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Nigel Green, deVere Group founder and CEO, is the man behind the success of one of the world's leading independent financial consultancy firms.

With more than $10 billion of funds under its advice and administration, and over 80,000 clients around the world, Nigel Green's deVere project has been one of almost unimaginable success.

However, behind the accomplishments and recognition he enjoys today, Mr Green's beginnings were not too different from everyone else's. As a young man, he followed in his father's footsteps into the financial services industry - a field in which he discovered his true passion.

In fact, in the months and years that followed, Nigel Green continued to learn about the industry, discovering new things along the way and travelling the world over. He worked with countless clients, and in so doing, he identified the niche expat market.

It was at this time that Mr Green began to focus his efforts on those persons who had decided to look beyond home shores to build their lives. His approach has always been to put his clients first, whilst advising them on the financial products that would best fulfil their individual needs and circumstances.

Today, deVere's Group operates from more than 100 countries around the world - a feat which Nigel Green attributes to the virtues of hard work, determination and ambition. His aim for the future is to keep building deVere's strong global presence through a massive expansion programme. deVere Group continues to strive to be within easy reach for clients wherever they choose to be in the world.

You can visit Nigel Green's blog to find out more.

deVere CEO Nigel Green
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