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16 Jan, 2008

Laura Stavro-Beauchamp
Date: 15-Jan-2008

The Mortgage Business has received introductions from 167 new packagers since the dawn of the liquidity crisis last August.
The firm says the figure includes both packagers and satellite packagers, and further demonstrates a desire from packagers to work with lenders who can offer them stability.

David Murphy, sales and marketing director at TMB, says: "I find it staggering that some lenders are turning their backs on packagers at this time. There is no doubt that current market conditions are more challenging, but this is surely when lenders should embrace strong relationships.

"I'm at a loss to think of another industry when a provider would turn away prospective clients."

He adds: "We judge new packagers on existing stringent conditions and are delighted to start 2008 with so many new packaging partners and a continuing 'can-do' attitude."

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