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11 Feb, 2008

Tanya Powley - 11-Feb-2008

RAMP has completed a strategic review which will see its associate member tier scrapped from the association.
As a result, director of associate members Bill Warren will be leaving the organisation in May.

RAMP says that the decision has been taken to focus on the development of its full member programme and the existing associate members have been invited to join the group as full members.

Managing director John Rice says:"It is widely believed that packagers who focus on quality and efficiency will be best placed to survive these challenging times and research has shown that RAMP's brand is recognised for both quality and exclusivity. "

"Whilst the current market is undoubtedly challenging, it will also throw up many significant opportunities for RAMP and its members. I foresee mergers and alignments that we will be extremely well placed to take advantage of. I am sure our core values will ensure success and RAMP will be incredibly well placed for a market upturn whenever that may happen. After many conversations with our key business partners I see a very bright future for the group whilst adding serious value to the broker community".

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