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17 Mar, 2008

Will Henley - 17-Mar-2008

Nucleus has announced the appointment of a new board following a re-election.
Founder firm representatives on the board have been joined by Richard Stocks from FA Watts and Graham Laverick of WR Financial.

The other board members are Bruce Wilson of Helm Godfrey, John Moore of Central Investments, Ian Thomasson of Avidus and Scott Lang, and Phil Norbury of HKA.

Nucleus says the board is composed in such a way that the IFAs who own and use the Nucleus wrap "remain at the heart of its future development and direction". The board meets each quarter.

Laverick says: "I am delighted to have the opportunity to be involved in driving the future strategy of the proposition. The wrap premise is based on strengthening the adviser/client relationship and traditionally one of the biggest difficulties facing IFAs is a lack of control over this process. Being able to agree collectively how the platform develops will allow us as advisers to offer a stronger, tailored investment solution for our clients."

Nucleus chief executive David Ferguson says: "Unlike other platforms where core decisions are driven by commercial interests, at Nucleus advisers have been involved in the design and progress of the platform from the outset. Only by ensuring IFAs are at the very heart of the proposition will Nucleus be able to continue to develop as a new force in UK financial services, capable of changing the status quo."

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