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13 Feb, 2008

Chris Salih - 13-Feb-2008

PSigma income manager Bill Mott believes that domestic stocks are set for a turnaround and says that current ratings represent a once in a decade opportunity.

The former Credit Suisse income stalwart views a number of sectors as attractive and says the scaledown bears no comparison to that of the early 90s.
"There are so many opportunities out there and unless there is an Armageddon situation, the likes of which we've only seen in the 30s and 70s, then it looks like a great opportunity to me."

Mott currently has a 90-stock portfolio with a historical yield that is greater than 10 year Government bonds with the previous two occasions he has done so turning out to be major buying opportunities.

"The market now is not too dissimilar to that we saw in 2003 just prior to the Iraq war and says it should end up in the same buying opportunity that I had when I managed the Credit Suisse income range, which made investors a lot of money."

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