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05 Feb, 2008

Laura Stavro-Beauchamp
Date: 05-Feb-2008

Mortgage Intelligence has teamed up with The Mortgage Business to offer an exclusive House2House deal.
The buy-to-let deal is based on income affordability rather than the traditional rental calculation, at 6.34% - bank base rate plus 0.84% - until February 28 2010.

The deal is only available through the MI packaging team.

The arrangement fee is 1% and there are no higher lending or early redemption charges.

Julie Johnston, head of mortgage products at MI says: "This is an excellent deal coming at a time when interest in buy-to-let is on the rise due to regional dips in house prices, which make property investment even more attractive.

"The fact that the exclusive is based on income affordability rather than a rental calculation is also likely to prove appealing".

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