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18 Mar, 2008

Edeus moves into new head office

Edeus has moved into a new office space in Wolverhampton and claims it demonstrates its long-term commitment to the mortgage market.
The lender says that its new head office has plenty of space for a growing workforce and it is its full intention to take advantage of the market when conditions improve.

Edeus chief executive Michael Bolton says:"It's a hard time for the mortgage industry at the moment so it's great to be able to share some good news. Our new offices are superb and I'm sure the team will settle into their new home very quickly.

"This development plays testament to the fact that edeus has every intention of remaining in the market for the long term. The key in this environment is to keep an open mind, remain flexible, and utilise any opportunities that may arise. This is what we intend to do and we are certain that the future for edeus is very bright indeed."

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