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21 Jan, 2008

Laura Stavro-Beauchamp
Date: 21-Jan-2008

Debt Advice Portal has added the BrightSide Group to its debt solutions panel.
Brokers using the portal can now offer clients unable get a mortgage comprehensive debt management service through BrightSide.

Brokers are able to submit and track their cases to whichever panel member is most appropriate when using the software.

Debt management solutions are particularly attractive to brokers who have clients who are looking to repay their debts without resorting to bankruptcy or IVAs and who are, therefore, keeping a better credit history, says DAP.

Nick Du Boulay, director of DAP, says: "A combination of liquidity strain, more restricted lending and higher interest rates mean that some brokers have clients that are unable to afford their mortgage. However, for most people the financial woes tend to be short lived and so, by offering holistic debt solutions, brokers can retain the client until such a time as they are able to offer them new funding."

Chris Warbey, director of operations at BrightSide Group, adds: "We are delighted to have been added to DAP's panel of debt solution providers.

"Together, we will be able to complete the advice circle for brokers, enabling them to offer truly holistic advice, whilst ensuring that the broker maintains a strong and successful relationship with their clients."

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