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22 Jan, 2008

Laura Stavro-Beauchamp
Date: 22-Jan-2008

Brokers will now be able to get an online decision for all additional borrowing applications from BM Solutions.

This makes BM one of the first lenders to have a completely paperless additional borrowing process. Previously, brokers have had to fill in a paper form for the second stage of the application.
Within the new system brokers will enter their client's full details on the One Minute Mortgage, which will then return a decision in principle.

Brokers can then print a key facts illustration and upgrade it to a full application.

The new streamlined process should cut out any post delays in the process, and allow brokers to get a decision swiftly.

Phil Rickards, head of sales, says: "This is a brilliant new enhancement to the One Minute Mortgage. Reducing the burden of time and administration for brokers goes a long way to making their lives easier. This means that they can submit their additional borrowing applications, confident that they will receive same speed and support that they are used to from BM Solutions."

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