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P.I.C. Middle East provides financial consultancy services to international investors and expatriates in the Middle East. With established offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, our knowledge of the local environment alongside our expertise of financial consultancy services enables us to offer tailored and trusted financial advice to individuals.

P.I.C. is affiliated with the deVere Group, the world's leading independent international financial consultancy group. With more than $10 billion of funds under administration and management, deVere has more than 80,000 clients in over a hundred countries and offices in over forty countries.

Message from the CEO

Welcome to P.I.C. Middle East's new website, which is now aligned with deVere's corporate image. As we continue to address our clients' needs, we developed a site which includes updated features and information which will help you with your investments.

While P.I.C. is affiliated to the largest independent international financial consultancy group, it is important to us that our clients think we're the best. We'll certainly keep striving for that.

Mr. Nigel Green
Chief Executive Officer
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deVere Group Strengthens Ties with World Leading Banks

In line with the company's global expansion plans, deVere announced a series of agreements with some of the world's largest banks. In recent weeks, deVere launched alliances with Citi and Deutsche Bank. Under these arrangements, the banks are committed to develop special products, exclusive to deVere Group' clients. As a company, P.I.C. Middle East is committed to providing special products for its clients.

As the largest international financial advisory group in the world, we are able to secure products and alliances that other advisory groups are unable to provide. During the next few months, deVere Group intends to provide many new and innovative products for its clients, together with opening a number of new offices to increase our global presence. deVere Group strives to continue to provide its clients with the best offers in the marketplace.


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deVere clients to receive 64% returns as RBS Autocallable 1 Note matures
deVere clients to receive 12.75% returns as Morgan Stanley Autocallable Note matures
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Exchange Price Position Percentage
FTSE 100 6671.20 -10.56 -0.16%
S&P 500 1879.55 7.66 +0.41%
NASDAQ 4161.458 39.912 +0.97%
Hang Seng 22509.641 -221.039 -0.97%
Market Data as at 23/4/2014 13:26:32 GMT
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Currency Exchange Rate
GBP to USD 1.6795
GBP to EUR 1.2137
EUR to USD 1.3837
USD to JPY 102.2645
Currency Data as at 23/4/2014 13:26:33 GMT
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deVere clients to receive 64% returns as RBS Autocallable 1 Note matures
deVere clients to receive 12.75% returns as Morgan Stanley Autocallable Note matures

Latest P.I.C. News

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We are the first professional international financial brokerage to bring a borderless approach to our clients worldwide.
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